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Cainkade voice UX project My Line brings Google Assistant to legacy phones

We were pleased to get recent coverage in VentureBeat about My Line, a recent pilot of a voice UX service we did in partnership with MullenLowe and the government of Colombia.

My Line empowers anyone – no smartphone required – to access the power of Google Assistant over a plain old phone line. A caller dials a local number and speaks to Google Assistant through our system. The project connects the Google Assistant SDK and Twilio with custom software that we created.

“Our industry tends to leave people behind who may not have the ability to access the latest technology,“ Cainkade Studio managing director Eric Elia told VentureBeat. “When we started working on this project, we were surprised this didn’t already exist in the market. It was kind of like the missing Google feature in some ways for this product or for Amazon, and would be something nice they would have offered directly. So we’re kind of happy to fill the gap there, but overall this is an incredibly rapidly changing space.”

As we mentioned in the VentureBeat article by Khari Johnson, we’re excited by the power of conversational AI to transform how we interact with technology. A great customer support experience via voice can have a huge impact for a corporation or small business, but there are other compelling stories we are just starting to imagine, such as refugees on foot crossing international borders.


Photo of fisherman by World Bank Photo Collection.