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If Apple designed a kids UI for iOS

What would an iPhone for kids look like? What if this product was brought to life with just a few new screens in the existing iOS? We are delighted to be featured today on Techcrunch featuring our Apple Kids UI concept. Salve and team did a fantastic job of bringing this concept to life.

When one of our kids saw this concept in progress on his mom’s computer, he asked if he could have it. We quickly knew this would resonate in the real world. 

More than the simple built-in Guided Access capability, this experience is something tactile for kids that essentially turns a parent’s phone, for set chunks of time, into a more immersive kids experience. 

Our product goals included:

  • Limited access to certain apps that parents curate
  • Time-limited access to that collection of apps
  • No easy way to toggle out of the Kids mode
  • A clear identified app icon on the home screen
  • Multiple kid profiles / preferences

Our design goals were to:

  • Respect the design language of iOS as much as possible with some variation when appropriate in kids mode.
  • Minimize variation as much as possible from global conventions.
  • Minimize clicks and interaction points that require parent intervention when in kidsmode.
  • Optimize for what we feel is the most common use case. A parent hands over a phone or tablet, and the child touches the icon that they know is theirs.
  • We used iPhone as the concept device, but our approach would also support iPad.