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Enterprise software doesn’t have to suck

We’re delighted to see our partner Voyager Search featured on the cover of CIO magazine this month. Voyager Search is the “Google of the GIS World.” The company’s software makes sense of 2,000 types of data, making it easy for people at companies of all kinds, from global enterprises to local parks services, to sift through geo-specific data. 

Consumer expectations with software have never been higher. The user experience within enterprise software has often been neglected over the years. I’ve heard countless times “it’s the internal tool” or “it’s enterprise” – “let’s not spend as much time on the UI.” Today’s enterprise uses are also consumers, who get to use Google, Uber, Square and other delightful software each day. They expect the same level of experience from the software they use for work as they do for play.

We’ve been working with Voyager Search since 2014 to reinvision this search experience and look forward to sharing it with their current and future customers soon. 

In the meantime, get to know Bryan and Voyager Search here: